Cafes & Coffee Shops

A point of sale system can provide important benefits to a cafe, helping to provide speedy transactions, accurate stock and security features that ensure you’re receiving the correct amount of money for each transaction. iTouch is fast, intuitive and simple to use.

Our Cafe Solution is an end-to-end solution for cafes and coffee shops that helps improve customer service and maximise profitability.Easily sell barcoded retail items while increasing order efficiency with a restaurant-style POS interface. Hot keys allow for fast and accurate input.


Customise your Cafe Point of Sale to work exactly how you need it within your cafe. Easily set-up multiple sites and registers, add products and variations, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery, and instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, at the coffee station.


If you’re operating a coffee shop, odds are you are staffing hourly employees. Track employee hours and attendance within the system by having each employee clock in and out. Track paid and unpaid breaks and even tips within the system as well. Accurate payroll reports can be generated with a few clicks.

Main Features

Tablet billing

Let your customers order and pay at the table through Tablets. User-friendly and simple to use, Tablets are handy, increase customer delight, and save up on the hardware cost of bulky POS terminals.

Organized Inventory

Inventory Management gives you a deep insight into the amount of Stock consumed, and the amount left after each day. View Variance reports and keep a track of the wastage and pilferage happening at your restaurant.

Check data anytime, anywhere!

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always happy customers software will make sure that all process and all customer issues and complaints are resolved smoothly. Taking care of repairs, other additional services all will be taken care of through the system. Credits given to customers or obligations payable to suppliers will all be monitored.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs which do not require the hassle of Loyalty Cards to add or redeem points.Create outlet specific offers or launch regional Loyalty Programs that can be run across multiple outlets.

Waiter Management

View the performance of your staff by measuring the average Table Turnover time.Create Incentive Offers for your staff for upselling items and achieving other targets.