Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials by hand or by machine to final products, which can be sold to customers just like flour, sugar & butter = Cake. This module helps you with the complete manufacturing process, that is adding recipes, production, raw material cost, production cost, lot number, expiry and a lot more…

Manufacturing process has two main steps:

Recipe: Recipe specifies the raw material or ingredients in exact magnitudes which should be used for manufacturing the final product. For manufacturing a product standard instruction is followed where ingredients or raw materials are processed in exact quantities to have a quality final product like raw material to spare part manufacturing to a complete engine production.

Production: Based on the recipe added for products, in production it shows the total quantity of all raw materials required for the manufacturing quantity of product.

There can be further steps like cost calculations, wastage calculations, allocating lot numbers & expiry for the manufactured product.

Cost Calculations: Cost of the final product depends on Raw material cost, Production cost (labour cost, machinery cost, fuel cost for machines like Petrol/LPG/Electricity) & Wastages. Further the selling price will have some profit percentage added to this manufacturing cost.

Wastage Calculations: Wastage can be of raw materials or final manufactured product.

Wastage of raw materials can be like for example if we take cauliflower, it needs to cleaned by removing leaves & stems, this goes to the wastage because it’s thrown away and not used. Manufactured product can sometime be wasted by leakage or bad quality or some other unstoppable causes.

Lot number: Generally, most of the manufactured items has Lot number which enables tracing of the constituent parts or ingredients as well as labor and equipment records involved in the manufacturing of the product. This enables manufacturers and other entities to perform quality control checks and issue corrections or recall information to subsets of their production output. It also gives consumers an identifier that they can use in contacting the manufacturer and researching the production of goods received.

Expiration Date: Food products, pharmaceutical product, cosmetics and to many other manufactured products where the age of the product may impact its safe use has an expiry date added to it. An expiration date or expiry date or best-before or use by date is a previously determined date after which the product should no longer be used.

Manufacturing module can management all the above easily. Further we also have Permission & Roles to helps you restrict users from accessing some features.

Settings: Additional settings are provided to enable or disable editing of ingredients quantity when doing production.

Also, prefix can be added to production reference number.

Main Features

Accurate Bills

thebestpos.pk uses dispense printers and kitchen printers to make sure items are registered on your system before being served, this way you won’t miss that bottle of wine or dessert off the bill again.

Table Management

thebestpos.pk incorporates a large graphical table plan which can incorporate multiple levels if your restaurant has separate floors or areas. Tables on the floor plan display their current status at a glance, is the table in use, which course are they on, have they requested a bill.

Handheld Ordering

With thebestpos.pk you can now enter customer orders anywhere- at the table, on your patio, in your beer garden or perhaps in your function & meeting rooms or hotel reception.

Customer Satisfaction

Bars are fast-paced, cash rich environments. Speed of service and reliability are key in these high turnover environments: whether it be a bar or a large venue, our thebestpos.pk software system facilitates excellent customer service even during the busiest trading periods.



To ensure each barman is ringing up drinks under their own name, secure employee login cards, dallas keys or even biometric fingerprints can be used to identify staff members. Strong security features like these will help secure your cash and enable you to keep control of your business.

Manage better, Sell faster

Management of point of sale in hotels gets smarter with the inclusion of a hotel POS system. The products and services at POS points can be organized in unlimited categories & subcategories. A separate group for featured items at the top lets you access and sell your fast-moving products or special items and services at a faster pace.