Fast Food

Fast Food

Not all POS systems are suitable for fast food restaurants.Every fast food order is different. From the type of crust to the careem, toppings and cheese, it’s not uncommon for a fast food store to make many pie varieties in a single day, presents you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. This is in-house dining deliveries and pickup.

The best flexibility this billing software offers you is the ability to define your own workflow for your order management. You can track each order based on the workflow you have defined and move it ahead in your workflow based on the way you are running business. Our kitchen module helps you to show all pending orders in your production area display.

This low cost restaurant and fast food store management software not only takes care of your in-house dining needs and table management but also has lot of features that will help you manage your delivery and pickups.

Main Features

Flexible Menu Ordering

Give your customers the choice of creating their own pizza. Easily map the toppings to the base along with the choice of sauce.

Kitchen Display System

Send your orders directly to the Kitchen through the Kitchen Display System. Orders are reflected instantly at the KDS, thus eliminating the risk of missed orders.

Add-Ons & Combos

Experiment with your menu by creating special combo offers. Add drinks and sides to your pizza in just a few clicks and watch your sales soar!

Delivery Module

Always deliver hot and fresh pizza to your customers through thebestpos Delivery Module. Assign orders to your delivery boys based on their availability. Let your customers track their order status through live GPS tracking.

Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM helps you engage with your customers better. Analyze and segment your customer data and send customized messages to connect with them.


Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is available either at, Back Office PC or Head Office giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and stock information.