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As a retailer, you are not only fighting for market share with traditional brick-and mortar competitors, but also against the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Providing a seamless, omnichannel presence between your physical stores and digital footprint is more important than ever because customers are increasingly looking for unique and personalized shopping experiences.

The retail business is as challenging as ever to win customers away from web only retailers and remain profitable with brick and mortar cost structures. The ability to control inventory shrinkage from both internal and external threats will often determine if a retail business survives on a razor thin margin The element of cash transactions and high employee turnover compound the challenges in successful retailing. Using new security technology tools, including biometric access control and IP video surveillance, provide the fundamental protection tools to survive and thrive in retail today. Retail loss prevention solutions must be simple to use, affordable and highly reliable to be effective to business owner and their managers.


A point of sale system can provide important benefits to a restaurant, helping to provide speedy transactions, accurate stock and security features that ensure you’re receiving the correct amount of money for each transaction.Restaurant touch screens provide speed and accuracy of ordering, increasing table turns and revenue, which help create seamless processing of orders between the bar, dining room and kitchen enhancing efficient restaurant operations.

Promote your Restaurant business passionately by offering quality food and driving more customers to your door, announce your menu online and integrate your business for social promotions and marketing. assures you by preventing theft & pilferages and stores data on secure encrypted servers and thereby creating an impression about your brand.

Tabletop kiosks and standalone kiosks allow patrons to request additional menu items and pay at their table, while also providing greater customer control and meal customization. They also can create improved turnover rates and can aid in staffing.

Any way you slice it, your customers expect more from today’s dining experiences. Staying relevant with your customers and rising above the competition requires you to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing



A grocery store or supermarket has some specific requirements for operations and when you are looking for a point of sale solution, it is important to take these needs into consideration. The point-of-sale software packages on this page provide modules so that you will be able to manage your business effectively.Grocery stores and supermarkets are known to have particular times of customer rushes. The POS system must be ready to handle these peak times of traffic and be capable of handling hundreds of transactions quickly and efficiently. .

As a grocery store operator, you’re not only fighting for market share with your neighborhood competitors, but also with internet delivery services. Increasingly, consumers are asking, why leave the house when I can buy my groceries with the click of a mouse? It’s up to local grocers to battle back by creating stellar shopping experiences in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Technology can provide tremendous value and convenience to the in-store shopping experience. Self-checkout kiosks allow customers to get in and out of stores quicker and more efficiently. Other kiosks offer services like health assessment, movie rentals, and gift card purchasing, which can turn your store into a one-stop-shop. Improved store navigation through the use of apps and tablets create a more personalized customer experience, and digital signage can offer customers deals and information.

Loyal customers are the key to success, and technology will help to feed that loyalty and keep your customers hungry to return. At we are your partners for integrated grocery store technology solutions.


Wholesale business to help their daily Sales, Purchase and Inventory operations, as well as perform business analysis anytime to have comprehensive understanding about the business. Moreover, it is easy to use, flexible, and reliable.

It mainly equips with Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Stock In, Out, and Return functionality, with flexible operational design and analysis capabilities, they make the Wholesale System a must have helper in various wholesale business…


Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials by hand or by machine to final products, which can be sold to customers just like flour, sugar & butter = Cake. This module helps you with the complete manufacturing process, that is adding recipes, production, raw material cost, production cost, lot number, expiry and a lot more…

Manufacturing process has two main steps:

Recipe: Recipe specifies the raw material or ingredients in exact magnitudes which should be used for manufacturing the final product. For manufacturing a product standard instruction is followed where ingredients or raw materials are processed in exact quantities to have a quality final product like raw material to spare part manufacturing to a complete engine production.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

A point of sale system can provide important benefits to a cafe, helping to provide speedy transactions, accurate stock and security features that ensure you’re receiving the correct amount of money for each transaction. iTouch is fast, intuitive and simple to use.

Our Cafe Solution is an end-to-end solution for cafes and coffee shops that helps improve customer service and maximise profitability.Easily sell barcoded retail items while increasing order efficiency with a restaurant-style POS interface. Hot keys allow for fast and accurate input.

Customise your Cafe Point of Sale to work exactly how you need it within your cafe. Easily set-up multiple sites and registers, add products and variations, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery, and instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, at the coffee station.

If you’re operating a coffee shop, odds are you are staffing hourly employees. Track employee hours and attendance within the system by having each employee clock in and out. Track paid and unpaid breaks and even tips within the system as well. Accurate payroll reports can be generated with a few clicks.

Fast Food

Not all POS systems are suitable for fast food restaurants.Every fast food order is different. From the type of crust to the careem, toppings and cheese, it’s not uncommon for a fast food store to make many pie varieties in a single day, presents you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. This is in-house dining deliveries and pickup.

The best flexibility this billing software offers you is the ability to define your own workflow for your order management. You can track each order based on the workflow you have defined and move it ahead in your workflow based on the way you are running business. Our kitchen module helps you to show all pending orders in your production area display.

This low cost restaurant and fast food store management software not only takes care of your in-house dining needs and table management but also has lot of features that will help you manage your delivery and pickups.


Fashion Stores such as Clothing, Shoes, Bags stores etc. need to handle hundreds of thousands styles of items per season, different style contains different color and size, it greatly raise the workload of daily inventory handling. To be able to handle good receive, replenishment, and distribution on time and effectively, a good POS / Retail Management System to handle items and inventory is very important.

Setup and keep track of payments with minimum effort. Eliminate errors with integrated customer tracking.When reorder points hit, automatically generate purchase orders and send to your vendors. Receive the inventory and the system automatically recalculates your inventory count.

Track customer purchases and then run targeted marketing campaigns to encourage repeat business. Promote seasonal sales and keep in touch with your customers.Use powerful reporting tools to help you make the right decisions for your business, and take some of the hassles out of accounting.

Centralize purchasing and save time by ordering from integrated catalogs.Track unit costs, dusty inventory data, and get low-stock alerts.Keep track of your loyal customer base so you can offer them discounts and promotions.Manage all of your categories so you can see what types of items are most popular.

Parlor & Salon is our state-of-the-art POS system on tablet, designed to digitalize your personal care services, which will allow you to streamline entire work processes, monitor transactions,track employee performances, and do a lot more, all through our one-window solution

Your salon’s point of sale is its backbone! It’s where you book appointments, register sales, and keep track of routine activities. is an advanced POS solution on tablets/Mobile and desktop to manage and monitor multiple areas of your business which:

Saves time and effort
Provides mobile monitoring access to authorized personnel
Reduces the probability of human errors in books
Keeps you updated with upcoming appointments
Allows quick access to previously recorded data
Record stylist’s particulars in separate panels within seconds