Wholesale business to help their daily Sales, Purchase and Inventory operations, as well as perform business analysis anytime to have comprehensive understanding about the business. Moreover, it is easy to use, flexible, and reliable. Offline mobile phone Sales-App provides a lot of features and advantages when your sales officer is on the go. 

It mainly equips with Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Stock In, Out, and Return functionality, with flexible operational design and analysis capabilities, they make the Wholesale System a must have helper in various wholesale business.

The system comes with easy to use and uniform user interface to reduce learning curve and minimize things to remember. With the short-cut keys and user friendly design, it becomes easier for beginner and faster for experienced users.Different Wholesale business has different requirements and challenges, Open Wholesale System allows user to define some data fields for her own business natures, also, some special features are available for different operation flow, so that it provides more flexibiity to suit your own need.

If your business is a combo of wholesale and retail, we’ve got a combo of cutting-edge POS that’ll make every part of selling easier. We know you need to supply your customers with a top service, from one-offs to bulk-buying regulars. Add in handling inventory and accounting, and it can be a long day. Say goodbye to the stress that comes with managing your storeroom and staff, and say hello to streamlined sales with thebestpos.pk

Main Features

State-of-the-art Innovation

thebestpos.pk system gives you the independence of using your software with or without any internet connectivity. You can access your files both online or offline, so you can easily secure continuous service and develop good relations with your customers.

Organized Inventory

The key elements of success in wholesale business depend on how well you organize your warehouse and manage your suppliers. This organized inventory feature lets you systemize your warehouse. A built-in intelligent catalog provides rich communication tools that help you decide on the best fit for your specific business.



Check data anytime, anywhere!

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always happy customers. thebestpos.pk software will make sure that all process and all customer issues and complaints are resolved smoothly. Taking care of repairs, other additional services all will be taken care of through the system. Credits given to customers or obligations payable to suppliers will all be monitored.


Dynamic Sales

Make your business more attractive and increase profit margins with thebestpos.pk system. Special prices can be made for selected goods. A client list can be made that should receive those special price offers. The functional guide can be used to customize offers. Special instructions are provided that guide you on how to combine different items to create new products.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is available either at thebestpos.pk, Back Office PC or Head Office giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and stock information.