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Android POS

In 2016 a new technology was founded to create an Android-based operating system for use with Point Of Sales systems. It features a near stock interface with several UI changes that make it suitable for use with POS systems. It also receives frequent OS and security updates through the OTA update app.You can use in the browser or can install andoind app of

Android All in One POS

You can read barcode/QR Code directly from camera and can print thermal receipt upto 80mm sized paper. To make everything easy this device have setup a Cloud Portal for managing the operating system. This includes remote management of the device, pushing out updates, customization and permissions. The cloud interface also features statistics on the device including payments made and how much data has been used on the device.

The OS itself comes with the basic Android apps and apps designed specifically for the POS. Additional apps can be installed by Google Play or sideloading. What’s interesting is that it can be customised to download only specific apps that you specify. The reasoning for this is that if it’s used in a business, employees cannot install games on it.

OS Customisation

Another remarkable feature is that the desktop icons, wallpaper, widgets, boot animation and the ability to choose which app starts up first can be all controlled from the Cloud interface. This allows you to setup customise how it looks easily and is perfect for setting up multiple devices at once.

To simplify it even more the OS has native support for dual screens, thermal printers, cash drawers and scanners. It also supports a wide range of payment options including magnetic stripe cards, Tap and Pay, QR Codes, NFC, RFID and MIFARE.


Promotions give your customers another reason for coming back. Our integrated back office allows you to easily configure mix & match, promotions and other discounts for automated price calculations, buy one get one free etc. It also allows automated pricing linked to particular dates, days and time periods.


To ensure each operator registers sales under their own name, secure employee login cards, dallas keys or even biometric fingerprints can be used to identify staff members. Strong security features like these will help secure your cash and enable you to keep control of your business.

Speed of Service

Retail outlets are fast-paced, cash rich environments. Speed of service and reliability are key in these high turnover environments: whether it be a corner shop or a large department store, our software system facilitates excellent customer service even during the busiest trading periods.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is available either at terminal, Back Office PC or HeadOffice giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and stock information.

Prodigious Features