Do you currently have a POS system?

Compare POS Systems & Save. It only takes 30 seconds. Sales-App provides a lot of features and advantages: 

Sales on the go:  The Mobile app provide great advantages where mobility of the point of sales is required. It provides a quick, fast, feature-rich, and simple to use interface to get the sales job done. For any trade shows, kiosk shop, beachside shop, and many more this application will be a truly powerful app.  

Offline Sales:  If you Don’t have internet data – No problem. We have worked hard to make Mobile POS for supports offline sale. Sales & Product stocks get synced automatically whenever there is an internet connection available. Take it anywhere and start selling, no more worries about active internet. 

Easy to use: mobile app is easy to use, no special training is required to use, anyone who can operate a smartphone can use this mobile app. With minimal screens and maximum features, it just does what is needed – that is adding sales, printing invoices, showing details of payments, and all recent orders. 

Enhanced consumer experience: With customers no longer required to make their way through long queues, the mobility of the point of sales system goes a long way in positively impacting the overall consumer experience. 


How does it work? mobile app connects with the 

All sales & product Stock management is done in real-time. 

When internet is not available it uses the most recent product stocks and the sales are cached in your mobile storage. This gets synced as soon as the internet is available again. All sales which are not synced are marked for you to easily recognize it. You can also forcibly sync the offline sale. 

Summary of all payments and due amount withing a session is provided. 

Prodigious Features