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When it comes to business communications, consumers have varying preferences. According to Email Benchmark Study, people across generations and borders prefer Whatsapp, SMS, email for their communications. That’s why the notifications deserve a place in your POS toolset. 

Using multiple communication channels provides customers with a seamless experience. With multiple mediums to choose from, customers can engage with your business on the channels they prefer. 

Like Whatsapp, SMS, email needs to be used at the right time and for the right message. Below are some of the most common use cases for leveraging text messages in addition to email. 

Confirmations:  For many customers, a confirmation message is an essential communication that they want to receive after purchasing from your store or website or making an account update. It lets customers know that your company has received their order or has accepted the changes they’ve made to their account. What happens if that customer no longer uses their email address? Or perhaps the confirmation isn’t delivered to the inbox correctly? With an SMS, you can add an extra layer of communication, and text the confirmation to your customers. 

Marketing: SMS marketing—also known as “text marketing”—is a favorite because of highly receptive audiences, unmatched open rates, and timeliness (90% of all text messages are read within 3 seconds). When there’s a timely deal, an SMS can create a sense of urgency and inspire immediate action. It also gives you a seamless opportunity to turn your typical one-way outbound marketing into a two-way conversation.’s Whatsapp, SMS and email built-in module are perfect for when you need to let your users know what’s going on in multiple channels.  

Reminders: A reminder is a perfect example of how a Notification can enhance your existing communication plan with your customers. If your customers have already received a payment confirmation, sending another email the day before or the day of their appointment, trip, or reservation may be overkill. Unfortunately, customers that don’t receive a reminder may not show up, leading to lost revenue. A concise SMS can be the perfect prompt for them to check their calendar and follow through. 

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