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Parlor & Salon is our state-of-the-art POS system on tablet, designed to digitalize your personal care services, which will allow you to streamline entire work processes, monitor transactions,track employee performances, and do a lot more, all through our one-window solution

Your salon’s point of sale is its backbone! It’s where you book appointments, register sales, and keep track of routine activities. is an advanced POS solution on tablets/Mobile and desktop to manage and monitor multiple areas of your business which:

Saves time and effort
Provides mobile monitoring access to authorized personnel
Reduces the probability of human errors in books
Keeps you updated with upcoming appointments
Allows quick access to previously recorded data
Record stylist’s particulars in separate panels within seconds

Oversee your business on-the-go! is a cloud-based software that allows you to access the panel from virtually anywhere so you are up-to-date with your salon’s performance in real-time.You don’t have to be physically present in the salon to manage operations. enables you to stay in touch with your business 24/7 with sheer ease and convenience

Stay updated with all upcoming appointments through thebestpos.pks’ appointment feature. Our user-friendly UI allows you to make bookings in a few quick taps. Simply use the in-built calendar to select the date, fill other fields – number of people, time, and services opted for – and it’s done! is the first POS system in Pakistan to provide one-click reminders for upcoming bookings. All you have to do is open the booking from the tablet and click on the ‘send reminder’ button to notify clients about their upcoming appointment.

Entering the services rendered into books is a tedious task which is why digitalizes the entire process for seamless and efficient processing. Use the salon POS system to select the service for a client through a single tap.The software will calculate the total and the incurred tax and once paid, the transaction will be saved for review later. You can use the hundreds of tags later to pull up records against each service, the stylists who provided those services, how much each service contributed to the overall sales and more.

MONITOR TRANSACTIONS is one of the best tablet salon POS systems when it comes to monitoring transactions, and track the sales made against each head. The interface allows you to access previous transactions, per-day sales, and monthly sales charts to analyze which service sells the most, and which stylist brings in the most business.Our salon POS system also records the commissions earned by each stylist, pull up records based on invoice numbers, phone numbers, client name, stylists booked, and countless other tags, which makes business analysis simple, easy, and efficient.

One of the biggest inconveniences in beauty salons is to differentiate expenses based on different accounting heads. This is another area where takes the lead in the local market. This salon POS lets you record individualized petty cash transactions, earnings against services rendered, tips and commissions earned, discounts offered, and a lot more in a few taps.

Each stylist has a particular set of customers in addition to the new ones. With, you can track services offered by each stylist to particular customers, the business earned from each customer, as well as the business brought in by each stylist, also allow you to book particular stylists upon request or otherwise with a single tap, which further streamlines your business’ point of sales making it far more efficient and productive than it was ever before.


Main Features

Quick keys and/or product lookup

Quick keys are shortcuts within your POS system that allow associates to hit a single button for a commonly sold item.Meanwhile, the rest of your catalog should still be easily accessible. Be sure to go with a POS that lets you quickly search or lookup products when ringing up sales.

Multiple payment methods/split payments

Go beyond traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards. Look for a POS that allows you to take mobile payments. You also want to be able to split a payment in case a customer wants to spread their payment across a few gift cards, an Amex and cash.

Check data anytime, anywhere!

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.

Customer-facing display

A customer-facing display means that as a customer is being rung, they can watch the transaction happen on a (usually secondary) screen that faces them. Customer facing displays allow customers a high level of transparency into the transaction and can make it easy for them to point out if there are mistakes in the order before it is placed.


Your inventory system should be able to print barcodes (or other labeling methods) so that you can keep each of your products neatly tagged and trackable. That barcode allows the inventory system to know exactly where the item is in your system


A dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your store is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info.

Prodigious Features