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POS Scale

Digital POS scales are weighing devices that are specifically designed for use with point of sale systems. As such, these hardware components come with one or several connecting ports, which are used to connect the scales to the POS terminal mostly use in bakeries, supermart, fruit and vegs and all other stores where wheiting of items is required. Once connected to the right peripheral devices in your POS, the scale will automatically calculate the price of each item you weigh; based on its weight. As you can imagine, can help you a lot; not only with bookkeeping but also with accurate tracking of inventory. Discussed below are the benefits as well as hardware requirements of POS scales.

Who is this technology meant for and how exactly can POS scales be of use to different industries? Currently, scales meant for integration with point of sale systems have found application in a myriad of businesses. Mentioned below are some of the main ways this technology may be used: In such an application, you need to weigh the product you would like to track and then type in its key code. Having done that, the system will automatically produce a bar code sticker for the item you just weighed. This sticker will be scanned later at the point of sale to identify that item. In addition to the barcode stickers, you may also use a label printer to provide detailed information on the product you are labeling. For instance, these printers are commonly used to provide nutritional information on products in Delis.


To ensure each operator registers sales under their own name, secure employee login cards, dallas keys or even biometric fingerprints can be used to identify staff members. Strong security features like these will help secure your cash and enable you to keep control of your business.

Speed of Service

Retail outlets are fast-paced, cash rich environments. Speed of service and reliability are key in these high turnover environments: whether it be a corner shop or a large department store, our software system facilitates excellent customer service even during the busiest trading periods.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is available either at terminal, Back Office PC or HeadOffice giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and stock information.

Prodigious Features