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A Reward Points System is the customer loyalty system that allows you to reward customers with points for making purchase on your store or website. These reward points can be used to exchange for special deals or discounts on the next purchases.

The Reward Points System is designed to increase customer engagement on your store or website as well as encourage them to make repeat purchases to be rewarded. The more activities customers do to engage with your store, the more points they will receive. Also, they can get a larger number of points when purchasing items with higher values.

If your Shop or eCommerce store is operated on, you can take a look at our Reward Point system – a powerful tool to design the best Reward Points System for your beloved loyal customers.This is the most common way to reward customers with a simple principle: Spend more to earn more. By enabling buyers to earn points each time they make a purchase, you can incentivize them to buy more and spend more on your products.

You should set a specific value for each point and display the corresponding number of points right next to the price of each product on any page that product appears (product page, category page, etc.). For example, you can reward customers with one point for each $10 they spent. So, after they purchase a $100 item, 10 reward points will be added to their account. These 10 points can equal to $10 discount on their next order.

Enabling reward points:
Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Reward Points Settings.
Click on Enable Reward Point and it will get enabled.
Reward Points Settings:
Reward points settings is divided into 2 parts:

Earning Points Settings
Redeem points settings

Earning Points Settings:  Reward points display name: This is display or label name for reward points. Some people like to keep it as reward points or reward coins etc. Only used for displaying label.
Amount spent for unit point: Meaning how much the customer spent to get one reward points.

If you set it as 100 then the customer will get reward points only if there invoice total is greater or equal to 100. If the invoice total is 99 then they won’t get any reward points.
You can set it as a minimum of 1.
Maximum points per order: Maximum reward points customer can earn in one invoice. Leave it empty if you don’t want any such restrictions.

Redeem Points Settings:
Redeem amount per unit point: It indicates the redeem amount per point.
For example: If 1 point is $1 then enter the value as 1. If 2 points are $1 then enter the value as 0.50.
Minimum order total to redeem point: Minimum order total for which customers can redeem points.
Minimum redeem point per order: Minimum redeem points that can be used per invoice. Leave it blank if you don’t need this restriction.
Maximum redeem point per order: Maximum points that can be used in one order. Leave it blank if you don’t need this restriction.
Redeem point expiry period: Expiry period for points earned by customers. You can set it in months or years. Expired points will get deducted from the customer account automatically after this period.

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